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Exclusive Interview with Trio Mediaeval
An interview conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser, is with Linn Andrea Fuglseth of the celebrated vocal group Trio Mediaeval, whose new ECM release, A Worcester Ladymass, presents a creative re-shaping of the so-called "Worcester Fragments" of the 13th-14th centuries. In this delightful interview, Ms. Fuglseth discusses the origins of the esteemed trio's fresh reconstruction, the group's beginnings in Olso, their characteristic incorporation of contemporary works, and much more. As a special treat, ECM Records is granting all visitors to Classical Archives a F R E E S T R E A M from this new album by Trio Mediaeval! The Feature also includes a special 1-Click Concert and a set of videos.

"That year [1996], I heard so much wonderful music - especially for three voices; and I particularly liked the medieval English carols... So, when I was back in Norway, I sat there with my child, and thought, "Hmm, maybe I should form my own trio, and try out some of this music myself. And that's how it all started." - Linn Andrea Fuglseth of Trio Mediaeval.
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