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Watch the VideoThe latest Noteworthy video presents a segment from the forthcoming DVD by the Canadian ensemble Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, entitled The Galileo Project: Music of the Spheres, to be released on March 27, 2012. This is a multi-media program that combines a variety of works from the early to late Baroque with images and narratives relaying the life and scientific achievements of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) – which Tafelmusik toured from 2009 (initially conceived to correspond with the International Year of Astronomy) through 2011. Each segment features a distinct musical work preceded by a brief narrative and accompanied by beautiful images associated with Galileo’s achievements; in this case, the work is Vivaldi’s Concerto in A for 2 Violins, Op.3, No.5, from which the opening Allegro and Largo are performed. It features violinists Jeanne Lamon, Julia Wedman, and Geneviève Gilardeau.
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Interview with HeymannTheir latest interview, conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser, is with innovative record executive Klaus Heymann – founder and CEO of Naxos Records, which this year proudly celebrates its 25th Anniversary. In this engaging and edifying interview, Mr. Heymann takes us through the fascinating history of Naxos, from its 1987 origins as an experimental budget label to one of the most powerful classical music operations in the world – with a multitude of interconnected businesses: record label, physical and digital distributor, video and book publisher, educational resource, online library, etc. The two also discuss the vital artistic and business role played by Mr. Heymann’s wife, violinist Takako Nishizaki; Mr. Heymann’s knack for anticipating shifts in the music industry; the distinctive Naxos approach to artists and repertory; the various plans to celebrate this anniversary year; and much more. Our Naxos feature also includes a set of top Naxos album picks from Mr. Heymann himself, along with a set of three 1-Click Concerts based on those “top picks”; as a special treat, two of the three concerts are F R E E to stream to all visitors; the third, “American Classics” allows full streams to subscribers only. Don’t miss this fascinating interview with the CEO of one of Classical Archives’ most valuable label partners!
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F R E E  1-Click Concerts F R E E CONCERTS – available to all the visitors – present an hour's worth of masterworks performed by our outstanding roster of independent artists. The Composer currently featured is Franz Schubert, whose 215th birthday we celebrate on January 31. Though passing away at the tragically young age of 31, Schubert produced a mind-boggling number of works, in every genre available to him – making particularly rich and innovative contributions in the realms of piano, chamber, and orchestral works, as well as around 1000 Lieder (songs). The concert features samples from works in all these categories. This joins our other 1-Click Concerts – featuring music of the Modern Period and the Solo Vocal genre. Listen here


Featured PresentationTheir previous interview, conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser, is with celebrated American pianist Simone Dinnerstein, coinciding with the release of her 2nd solo album on Sony Classical, Something Almost Being Said, dedicated to the piano music of J.S. Bach [his 1st and 2nd Partitas] and Franz Schubert [his 4 Impromptus, Op.90]. In this insightful interview, Ms. Dinnerstein discusses her selection of and approach to this repertoire, the vocal quality that these instrumental works convey, and the Philip Larken poem that inspired the album’s evocative title. The two also discuss her distinct approach to interpretation (especially tempo and phrasing), the impressive success she’s been garnering, her laudable Neighborhood Classics Program, and much more. Their feature also includes a 1-Click Simone Dinnerstein concert, with full streams for subscribers, and a set of Simone Dinnerstein videos – including the creative promo video that accompanies the new album. Don’t miss this terrific interview with a very creative artist!
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The latest Noteworthy video spotlights the composer Alban Berg (1885-1935) – whose 127th birthday we marked on February 9, as well as the famed pianist Glenn Gould, who performs Berg’s Piano Sonata in B-. Along with his teacher, Arnold Schoenberg and fellow student Anton Webern, Berg belongs to the so-called Second Viennese School that helped open the door to musical modernism in the early 20th century – expanding notions of harmony, melody, and form. With a style more overtly lyrical than his colleagues, Berg has enjoyed considerable success with audiences and performers alike, in particular with works such as his Violin Concerto, the Lyric Suite for String Quartet, the operas Wozzeck and Lulu, and the Piano Sonata. In this video, Gould brings his distinct sound and style to this magnificent single-movement sonata, in an impressive HD movie. Watch the Video


Featured InterviewThe latest feature is a Valentine’s Day treat: their first Celebrity Playlist from rising star Australian violinist Ray Chen – whose new release on Sony Classical features the famed violin concertos of Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn. For this Playlist, Mr. Chen selected his favorite Valentine’s-themed pieces for all of us to enjoy. It features 12 great and varied tracks from the Baroque to Modern eras, with a mix of old favorites and less-well known tracks, though all guaranteed to stir the hearts of lovers everywhere. Along with the Celebrity Playlist, Mr. Chen also provides a letter to Classical Archives visitors, detailing the contents of this Playlist in his warm and engaging style. So, grab your partner, crack open a nice bottle of wine, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with this lovely concert presented by Ray Chen and Classical Archives!
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F R E E  1-Click ConcertThe F R E E CONCERTS – available to all our visitors – present an hour's worth of masterworks performed by our outstanding roster of independent artists. The Composer currently featured is Frédéric Chopin, among the most beloved of all classical composers, despite the fact that he largely limited his output to music written for the piano. The concert features samples from his preludes, nocturnes, etudes, polonaises, and other genres. This joins our other 1-Click Concerts – featuring music of the Classical Period and the Sonata genre.
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