About Kru Harry

1.      General Information
6-years tract record as Executive Manager and Consultant, Software and Systems Engineer with extensive work experience in the design of accounting software and in the establishment, Development and Implementation of company strategy plans, computer networking systems, development of functional accounting solutions, web page designs and in developing specific/customize designs of various application softwares for corporate needs including management information systems (MIS).

Countries of Work Experience:
Asia :   Thailand, USA.

Language Proficiency:

                        Writing             Speaking
Thai :               Very Good       Very Good
English :           Very Good       Very Good

2.  Personal Data
Date of  birth :             February 20, 1971
Marital Status:              Married with one son
Mobile Phone:              (+66) 87 1820077

3.      Education and Academic Qualifications
2002-2004              Master of Public Administration in Management for Executive, National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand
2002                Small Business Management Training Workshop on Business Planning, under the Competency-based Economies through Formation of Enterprise (CEFE) Model. Sponsored by Small – Scale Industry Promotion Project and Northern Network and Service Providers for SMEs, Department of Industrial Promotion
1995-1997       Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand
1993-1995       Diploma of Business Administration in Business Computer, Srithana Commercial Technology College, Chiang Mai, Thailand
1996                Performer Certificate in Pianoforte, Trinity College of Music, London, UK

4.      Employment Qualifications

2005 to Present Managing Director
                        Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) Fair Trade Co.,Ltd
Functions: (1) Provides over-all direction, coordination and supervision of Thai Tribal Crafts operations. (2) Take the lead in the development, implementation, management and sustainability of TTC's Strategic and Marketing Plan particularly in Budget and Financial review and planning, export sales forecasting and projections and Product Development, to mention a few. (3) Strengthen external relations by representing TTC to the local, national to International networks and events, conferences and seminars. Participate in international business trips (Europe, USA and other countries) for business promotion and advocacy with overseas partners, including Fair Trade networks and alliances.

2005 to Present Board Member and Adviser
WEAVE (Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment)
Functions: (1) Provide advise on general direction and thrusts of WEAVE's work in Thailand, especially on its Income Generation Project (Establishment of WEAVE's business plan).      (2) Provide over-all support to WEAVE's registration as a Foundation in the Philippines and in Thailand.

1999-2004       Assistant Manager
Thai Tribal Crafts,
Functions: (1) Monitoring systems integration and managing information system of Thai Tribal Crafts (2) Implementing new accounting software for the company (3) Installing and implementing Financial System (4) Supporting in planning for Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. 

1998-1999              Systems Analyst
GO (1997) Ltd.
Functions: Develop and maintain in-house and client softwares and internet home pages. 

1997-1998              Computer Lab Administrator
Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Banking, Payap University,
Functions:(1) Teach Computer Programming (2) Develop and maintan computer network

1997 to Present  Classical Piano Teacher
                        Siam Kolkarn Nakornping Music School, Chiang Mai

Special Sklls andAdditional Knowledge:

Programming Language: Visual Basic, C, C++, JAVA, JAVA Script, Perl, Pascal, Macro programming
Computer Software:       Win 9x, MS-Win NT, Novell Netware, MS-Office, HTML
Other Skills:                     Playing  Classical Piano, Musical Arrangement, MIDI File Programming

5.      Professional Experience

Management Experience

·         Proven tract record in setting-up and sustaining Fair Trade Cooperative (Chiang Mai).
·         Strong knowledge and experience in setting-up for the legal status for Thai Tribal Crafts to Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Company Limited.
·         Establish, develop and implement Strategic plan for the Thai Tribal crafts Fair Trade Co.,Ltd.
·         Established the Accounting and Financial System utilizing the BC-Account software, Design and develop new functional operational mechanism for each department in Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Co.,Ltd.
·         Very good tract record in contacting and negotiating with the various sectors such as the Government, Private, Business and NGOs.
·         Strong capacity to represent and act on behalf of the Thai Tribal Crafts Fair Trade Co.,Ltd to local, national and international networks, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Management of Information System

·         Knowledgeable in setting up E-Commerce for Thai Tribal Crafts.
·         Good tract record in designing, developing and implementing Accounting, Purchasing, Invoicing and Inventory Controlling Systems. 
·         Developed system for controlling Account Receivable.
·         Very good grasp in forecasting, monitoring marketing and sales information through Internet.
·         Ability to formulate, design and develop standard summary reports for board meeting, etc.