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Interviews Susan Wadsworth

Exclusive Interview with Susan WadsworthAn interview, conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser, is with Susan Wadsworth, Founder and Executive Director of Young Concert Artists (YCA), the highly acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to discovering and promoting the careers of young classical musicians, that this year is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. YCA alums include such talents as Emanuel Ax, Murray Perahia, the Tokyo String Quartet, Dawn Upshaw, and 100s of others. In this fascinating discussion, Ms. Wadsworth discusses the origins and mission of YCA, her keen insights on the future of classical music, and their rich anniversary-year gala events. Our feature also includes a special YCA Playlist and a set of videos.

"We conduct auditions, not competitions, because I was only interested in working with artists based on how talented they are. The whole notion of a competition has always been a bit ridiculous to me; every performer has something unique to say, and YCA wants to promote those artists who have an ability to say something truly special." - Susan Wadsworth.
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