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Hélène Grimaud: PianistThe interview, conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser is with renowned French pianit Hélène Grimaud, whose latest Deutsche Grammophon release "Resonances" presents a provocative recital of masterworks outlining an historic trajectory of the Austro-Hungarian musical line from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries. In this insightful conversation, the two discuss in great detail the thinking and story behind this intriguing collection, as well as Ms. Grimaud's approach to forging and individual interpretation, and much more. Strongly recommended not to miss this remarkable discussion with one of today's most influential classical performers.

"All you can do is to be honest in your playing, and to approach the music in the only way you believe it should be done. When practicing, one is always aware of exploring different options: with phrasing, tempi, dynamics; you always know how many different possibilities there are, but in the end, there has to be only one possible way for you - otherwise it doesn't mean anything." - Hélène Grimaud :
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