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VIDEO of Benjamin Zander

Classical Video
Benjamin Zander’s TED Talk:Classical Music with Shining Eyes
Their new Noteworthy video is a rather extended one for this spot: a 20-minute lecture, taken from the famed TED Talks, by conductor / music professor Benjamin Zander, entitled “Classical Music with Shining Eyes”. With passion and humor, Mr. Zander takes the audience through a discussion of Chopin’s Prelude in E- (No.4 from 24 Preludes, Op.28) to reveal how everyone can follow and understand the musical narrative – and thereby experience the type of powerful emotion that classical music is uniquely capable of offering. This power, Mr. Zander explains, is revealed through the “shining eyes” of the listener (or performer) – and he imagines what a glorious world it would be if everyone knew and loved classical music. Let us know what you think!!
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