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Interview Anne-Sophie Mutter, legendlary German violinist

Explore Interview with MutterThe latest interview, conducted by Artistic Director Nolan Gasser, is with legendlary German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, as Deutsche Grammophon prepares to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of her career with a series of three new releases: a 40-CD box set retrospective, a 2-CD “Highlights” CD, and a new collection of ASM commissions by composers Wolfgang Rihm, Krzysztof Penderecki, and Sebastian Currier. In this insightful and wide-ranging discussion, Ms. Mutter discusses the origins of these three new releases, with particular emphasis on the inception and musical nature of the new commissions, among much more. This feature also includes a F R E E STREAM of Ms. Mutter performing a Mozart violin concerto, plus a set of Anne-Sophie Mutter videos. Don’t miss this!

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